Deep respect for nature and ethical business practices are core values at Ocean Outfitters. We pay equal attention to our internal operations as we do to our responsibility to make a positive impact on the external environment. While striving to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency, we also aim to inspire and implement solutions to environmental challenges.

Wildlife is more than a natural resource; it's a way to educate our guests through ethical viewing practices about the interconnection of natural systems, the rich biodiversity of Clayoquot Sound, and the threats facing wildlife, habitat, and indigenous culture in this globally recognized UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Our self-determined mandate demands that we go beyond education. That's why we are committed to supporting local projects and programs that effect real and measurable change in the environment around us. Preserving the integrity and biodiversity of natural areas is of paramount importance not only to the viability of Ocean Outfitters but also the overall health and sustainability of Tofino's tourism-based economy. We are actively involved in efforts to ensure the welfare of local wolves, bears, and cougars, and the wild salmon that are the foundation of Clayoquot Sound's temperate rainforest ecosystem.

In turn, our guests have the satisfaction of knowing that the majority of our trip fees go directly toward projects intended to improve the welfare of wildlife, efforts to change legislative policy, education, research, conservation, and carbon action.

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Ocean Outfitters has committed $200,000/year for multiple years, aimed at restoring the Tranquil Watershed. We want a holistic approach that conserves and restores wild salmon habitat, revitalizes stocks, and creates training, employment, and stewardship opportunities for local First Nations. These generous annual donations aim to provide at least four Tlaoquiaht jobs, and support measurable Tranquil Watershed Restoration Initiative objectives.

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Cedar Coast Field Station Initiatives

Ocean Outfitters is super proud to be supporting local salmon research projects and the Coastal Connections Education program for Ahousaht through Cedar Coast Field Station. We have committed $42,700 in 2019 to research projects directly related to wild salmon health, and an Indigenous youth science program.

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Ocean Outfitters recognizes the inherent and constitutional right of the Tla-o-qui-aht people to manage and monitor the haḥuułi. First Nations in Canada have the right to self-government within their traditional territories as affirmed in Section 35 of the 1982 Constitution Act. The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, to which Canada is party, reaffirms this right and furthermore acknowledges the fundamentally important role Indigenous peoples play in environmental stewardship and protection. We share the same commitment to seek ways to deepen our relationship. We share a common vision for socially, economically, and ecologically just communities.


Climate Action

Ocean Outfitters has been a carbon neutral company since offsetting our first footprint in 2015.

This means each year we: measure our greenhouse gas emissions to understand our impact; work to reduce the emissions as much as possible; and that we offset our annual emissions by contributing to projects that prevent the equivalent amount of emissions.

We chose to offset our footprint with Offsetters, Canada’s leading carbon management company. Offsetters’ offset projects are verified and validated by third parties to ensure that the emission reductions are real, additional and permanent. By supporting their projects, we prevent the equivalent amount of greenhouse gas emissions that we emitted—neutralizing our climate impact.

Photo by Ian McAllister

Photo by Ian McAllister

Wild Salmon Initiative

Ocean Outfitters cares deeply about wild salmon and their natural habitat.  The five species of salmon native to the Pacific Northwest form the foundation of coastal ecosystems, indigenous culture and ecotourism. Which is why we started the Three Percent For The Fish initiative. We implement a 3% surcharge to all fishing charters (both fresh and saltwater) to support local enhancement projects throughout Clayoquot Sound and Vancouver Island. This initiative ensures that clients have hands on participation in the viability of the resource for generations to come. While British Columbia's wild salmon are a globally recognized natural treasure, these stocks are under increasing pressure and in many places at risk of extinction. 100% of proceeds from this initiative will go towards protecting these salmon.

BC Coast Wolf photographed by Kyler Vos

Coexistence Initiative

Tofino's proximity to raw nature and beauty forms the foundation of its appeal to visitors from around the world. It's incumbent on us as tourism and community leaders to learn to live with wildlife. However, too often wildlife conflict arises from development encroaching on, or destroying wildlife corridors and foraging areas, poor waste management, and attractants such as untidy campgrounds and dogs. Ocean Outfitters is strongly opposed to the destruction of wolves, cougars, or bears in our region due to human-caused conflicts and impacts. We are working alongside experts to create a Wildlife-Human Hazard Assessment and Management Plan for the District of Tofino.

Our team holding a cheque that we are donating to the Raincoast Education Society in Tofino, BC.

Community Leadership

Ocean Outfitters supports the Raincoast Education Society’s efforts to help shape an environmentally sustainable future for the Clayoquot and Barkley Sound region through education and community stewardship. Our donations enable citizens to participate knowledgeably, effectively and responsibly in the work of shaping this future for our region and for our planet. The Raincoast Education Society delivers a broad range of high-quality educational and interpretive programs, such as guided walks, seminar series, summer camps, school programs, and events focused on the natural environment, cultures, and communities of the Clayoquot Sound region.

Ocean Outfitters General Manager receiving an Ecostar Award.

Green Business

For the past few years we have been awarded the highest certification for green businesses on Vancouver Island — the Vancouver Island Green Business Certification. This certification was built to recognize the efforts of local businesses that are reducing their environmental impact. Also, in 2017 we received the Ecostar Climate Action Award for our outstanding environmental achievements and leadership as a businesses; and in 2018 we received the Ecostar Ecological Stewardship Award for our conservation efforts.


Our awards for being a green business in British Columbia