Adventure Travel while taking Action on Climate Change

Ocean Outfitters is a Carbon Neutral company with Offsetters, Canada’s leading carbon management solutions provider. This means we have measured our greenhouse gas emissions, are working to reduce them as much as possible and that we’ve offset our footprint by contributing to projects that prevent the equivalent amount of emissions. This year we have also decided to go beyond Carbon Neutrality to offset 120% of our emissions towards projects in BC, Canada, and around the world. Offsetters’ projects are verified and validated by third parties to ensure that the emission reductions are real, additional and permanent. By supporting these projects, we prevent the equivalent amount of greenhouse gas emissions that we would have emitted if we didn’t offset.

Ocean Outfitters Carbon Offset Cycle


Some of the projects we’re supporting here in BC are:

The Great Bear Rainforest Carbon Project

Is an Improved Forest Management initiative, which generates emission reductions by protecting forest areas that were previously designated, sanctioned or approved for commercial logging. It is a landmark project for balancing human well-being and ecological integrity through carbon finance, and is the first carbon project in North America on traditional territory with unextinguished Aboriginal rights and title. Funds from the sales of these carbon offsets go towards creating jobs within First Nations Communities. The project has enabled up to 1,000,000 tCO2e to be sequestered each year for 25 years.

Quadra Island Forestland Conservation Project

Was an effort between the Provincial Government of BC, local First Nations communities, Offsetters, and other stakeholders to conserve 418 hectares of forestland previously designated for logging. After almost 20 years of negotiations between the government and landowner to conserve the parkland, this carbon offset project was the tipping point that saved the forest. The project has enabled ~90,000 tCO2e to be sequestered over 25 years. Beyond the climate benefits, the project has also established a safe corridor between two existing parks that allows for wildlife mobility, and preserved 10 known Aboriginal heritage sites and an Aboriginal portage route that dated back thousands of years.

Darkwoods Forest Carbon Project

Is an Improved Forest Management project located in the Selkirk Mountains that conserves 136,000 acres of forestland and offsets up to 450,000 tonnes of emissions each year. When the project area was first protected, its total carbon storage was upwards of two million tonnes, which if released, would be equal to the annual emissions of almost 500,000 individuals. The decreased logging activities in the project area allows this land to remain an effective carbon sink, connects existing parks, and creates wildlife management areas for animals such as Grizzly Bears and Mountain Caribou.

Quik’s Farm Ltd.

Is a greenhouse operator in Chilliwack, BC. Carbon offset funds enabled the company to switch from burning coal and natural gas to a biomass boiler to meet its heating needs. Use of this technology significantly reduces annual greenhouse gas emissions and leads to 1500 tonnes of emissions being offset each year. Without offset funds, the financial payback for this installation would not have been viable and the greenhouse would have continued to use a conventional heating system. This installation helps to reduce coal combustion, including mercury and benzene emissions—which are known carcinogens.