Synergy specializes in growing local green economies, greenhouse gas and waste analysis, feasibility studies, community engagement and sustainable community solutions.

The Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District is currently undergoing a study to determine how to spend $6M gas tax funding to implement regional level organic waste diversion and methane recapture program. Simultaneously, a Tofino community of entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations have been working on community-level composting initiatives. These projects offer complimentary alternatives to the large-scale regional system with smaller-scale distributed composting systems using a variety of technologies and applications. These systems could be included in the broader strategy and improve sustainability in the region through:

  • Enhancing food security

  • Reducing transportation emissions

  • Providing jobs for the community including Indigenous peoples

  • Providing innovative solutions that can scale

  • Reducing overall costs to the community for municipal services

In this project, Ocean Outfitters has asked Synergy to represent and advocate on behalf of a broad base of community stakeholders, to local and regional governments, to ensure they are represented and recognized in the new strategy. Ocean Outfitters supports local District composting technologies that reduce emissions and keep wildlife safe.

Synergy will interview community stakeholders, analyze functionality of current systems, collect data and evaluate social, economic and environmental benefits of scaling up these local projects.

View the Spring 2019 Analysis & Engagement Study.