Tranquil Watershed Restoration Initiative

The drastic decline in our local salmon populations is alarming. There are many factors contributing to the critical state of Pacific salmon such as contaminants and disease transfer from open net pen aquaculture, rising ocean temperatures, over fishing, and as a result of unbridled commercial logging practices, many salmon bearing watersheds were destroyed. Central Westcoast Forest Society (CWFS) was founded to address this loss of salmon habitat. They have been dedicated to restoring damaged rivers and watersheds, and working to rebuild local salmon populations since 1995.

Ocean Outfitters has committed $200,000/year for multiple years, aimed at restoring the Tranquil Watershed. We want a holistic approach that conserves and restores wild salmon habitat, revitalizes stocks, and creates training, employment, and stewardship opportunities for local First Nations. These generous annual donations aim to provide at least four Tlaoquiaht jobs, and support measurable Tranquil Watershed Restoration Initiative objectives.

Those objectives are:

(I) Increase the area of habitat within the estuary critical for juvenile salmon rearing and foraging, and key holding habitat for returning adults.

(II) Improve freshwater aquatic rearing and spawning habitat conditions for Pacific salmon.

(III) Stabilize high risk slopes and reduce areas of extensive erosion impacting fisheries resources.

(IV) Restore resilient, functioning, compositionally and structurally diverse riparian ecosystems.

(V) Monitor the effectiveness of restoration techniques to revitalize declining salmon populations.

(VI) Create training, employment, and stewardship opportunities for the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation.

We made a commitment as an organization to do what we could for wild salmon because everything depends on them, from bears, to the forests, to Coastal Peoples. Salmon are unimaginably precious. While we cannot tackle these issues all at once, nor alone, we are working closely with Tlaoquiaht Tribal Parks and CWFS to create a home for wild salmon to return to. We support Tribal Park’s vision to restore a healthy ecosystem, upon which, we believe exist alternatives to resource extraction and industry jobs.

Businesses need to be good citizens. Integrity needs to come before commerce. We recognize this ecosystem is worth protecting and we are playing the role that we can, to preserve it. Of course we would love our business model to inspire others. We would encourage anyone to contribute to a values-based culture and society, keeping our long-term futures in mind.

To learn more about the work of CWFS since 1995, please visit their website and social media:

Instagram: @CWFSRestoration