2018 Raincoast Education Society Donation

"Just as people cannot live without eating, so a business cannot live without profits... But most people don’t live to eat, and neither must businesses live just to make profits."
- John Mackey, Whole Foods Market

Last night, we presented the Raincoast Education Society with a $35,000 donation to support their mission. We feel strongly about our role as a responsible and contributing member of the community and our environment. We choose to follow a model of restorative tourism that aims past the bottom-line profit motive and is based on community responsibility, environmental stewardship and carbon action.

The majority of our trip fees go to projects intended to improve the welfare of wildlife, habitat restoration, research, education and conservation. Raincoast Education Society delivers a broad range of high-quality educational programs focused on shaping an environmentally sustainable future for this region via stewardship and education.

Check out Raincoast Education Society's upcoming adult and kids programs - http://raincoasteducation.org/education-programs.

Learn more about our conservation initiatives.