An Inspirational Evening With Ian McAllister

On March 10th, Ocean Outfitters hosted it's 3rd annual conservation speaker series where we bring inspiring people to the community to share their stories and images, to remind us what we have, but also what we have to lose.

Ian McAllister is a renowned conservationist and a photo journalist. He co-founded Pacific Wild along with his wife Karen. Pacific Wild is committed to defending wildlife and wildlife habitat on Canada’s Pacific Coast by developing and implementing conservation solutions in collaboration with First Nations communities, and scientists.

Ian McAllister on the West Coast with camera in hand.

He has authored and co-authored ten books on the BC coast and is currently directing a large screen IMAX film on the Great Bear Rainforest. His images have appeared in publications around the world receiving numerous awards. He is a fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society and the International League of Conservation Photographers. He and his wife, Karen, were named by Time magazine, "Leaders of the 21st Century" for their efforts to protect British Columbia's endangered rainforest.

We live in a spectacular, and very fragile landscape. Its worth cradling in our hands and going to battle to protect. We may have UNESCO biosphere designation, but this certainly does not mean that we are immune to the threats of tanker traffic, industrial logging, marine pollution, resource extraction, and the risk of open-net-pen salmon farming. This majestic landscape, our wild salmon stocks, our coastline, and our communities, are all at stake.

Many people shared a sleepless night like I did, feeling helpless and praying the anchor lines would hold the fuel laden barge of the Jake Shearer long enough for help to arrive. One can hardly imagine the effects of a spill on our coast: the environment, culture, our food, our lives.

We are all connected. This is one coastline. We all share a common responsibility for this place. We need to preserve what we cannot replace, and use our resources rationally. We need to live with a vision for the future, and strive towards that vision. It is in the self-interest of each individual and of each business to protect the planet. Each of us needs to play a role in ensuring that this ecosystem remains fully functioning and respected.

Ian creates images that place us in this coasts most magical places. You feel like you are there, living wild moments, embracing the beauty, and inspired to protect it.

A huge thank you to all those who came out and joined us for a wonderful evening with Ian McAllister. 100% of ticket sales went to Pacific Wild.

– Ocean Simone Shine, General Manager