CARE Network Donation & Coexistence Initiatives

Soon the West Coast will have an animal shelter outfitted to not only keep the dogs and cats of our region safe, but also the wild animals who we share this special peninsula with. Thanks to the $30,000 donation from Ocean Outfitters, CARE Network has now raised enough funds to establish the first phase of this important, regional resource. This large donation, which is made possible by guests joining us on our tours, is part of our larger carnivore co-existence initiative.

The region’s new animal shelter and care facility will temporarily house injured, ill, neglected and stray dogs, cats and other animals in need. When left in our communities, these animals often suffer and public safety is compromised. For instance, these suffering animals can become attractants to wildlife resulting in tragic conflict situations. CARE’s new facility will help solve some of these challenges faced across the region, from Ahousaht to Hitacu.

Consistent with our commitment to keeping wildlife safe, our contribution to CARE will be used to build the shelter fencing including an electrified perimeter fence to keep wildlife passing through the area at a safe distance. This fence will also keep shorebirds, wolves and other wild animals safe elsewhere in the region.

Pet Owners Have Responsibility Poster

The facility is one step forward for wildlife because within this fenced-in area, CARE will provide a dog daycare service so that folks recreating at the local beaches, parks and trails have access to a fun, off-leash option for their dog(s) without negatively impacting the area's wildlife. We wanted to support this project because this facility is part of a regional plan to mitigate negative impacts of visiting dogs to fragile environment.

“It’s our job to live responsibly in a carnivore landscape. There need to be solutions. This facility is part of that. Hopefully the future includes properly electrified and fenced dog-off-leash areas that keep wildlife safe.”

- Ocean Simone Shine, General Manager at Ocean Outfitters.

CARE Network, a local non-profit animal rescue & education group helping animals since 2012, now works with over 500 animals each year. Most of those are dogs and cats, but every year CARE helps a variety of other animals too: chickens, eagles, raccoons, shore birds, sea mammals, etc.