Ocean Outfitters Guides Start Citizen-Led Marine Clean Up

We are a green business here at Ocean Outfitters, and we put a lot of energy and financial support into keeping our local environment clean. It is part of our core values as a company, and as individuals who spend every day on, or in the ocean. Which is why we were thrilled to hear that some of our guides have taken actions into their own hands, and have started a new organization, Clayoquot CleanUp, to initiate a major citizen-lead clean-up effort in our local waters.

Co-founded by our lead fishing guide, Josh Temple, the goal of Clayoquot CleanUp is to remove and recycle marine debris that have accumulated throughout Clayoquot Sound, impacting the marine and shore life as well as aesthetic quality of the area. The project comprises four objective phases:

  • Phase I - Hesquiaht Harbor: Estevan Point to Hot Springs Cove
  • Phase II - West and Southwest Flores Island
  • Phase III - Vargas Island and islets between Vargas Island and Tofino Harbor
  • Phase IV - Clayoquot Sound inlets and estuaries
Junk that washed up ashore in Clayoquot Sound.
Plastic is a world wide waste issue, that we are feeling in our pristine Tofino waters.

In June 2017, Clayoquot CleanUp will embark on the 14 day Phase One CleanUp of the beaches, shores and intertidal zones of Hesquiaht Harbor. More than just removing regular household garbage and small marine debris, the goal is to remove and recycle all debris, particularly that which cannot be packed out in a day pack alone. Debris will collected and staged for helicopter and barge removal and returned to Tofino to be recycled, or disposed of in a responsible manner.

The team aims to remove 25 tonnes of marine debris in Phase One of Clayoquot CleanUp, and they need your help to make this happen! Phase One will need 48 volunteers, as well as donations to make this project viable and sustainable. If you are interested in getting involved, please visit the Clayoquot CleanUp website to see how you can help.