How To Save A Whale Video By MERS

How To Save A Whale Video

“How to Save a Whale” is an essential resource on the risks of collision and entanglement. It was made possible by the Sitka Foundation. Please see below for the video and share widely.

With the fortunate increase in the number of Humpback Whales off our coast, it is essential that boaters know more about the risks of collision and entanglement (for the sake of whale AND boater safety).

Summary of key points on what to do in case you find an entangled whale:

  • With great urgency, report the entanglement with location. In British Columbia call the DFO Incident Line at 1-800-465-4336. If you do not have cell service, use VHF Channel 16 (Coast Guard).

  • If at all possible, remain with the whale at a distance until trained help arrives or another boat takes over tracking, otherwise the chances of relocating the whale are greatly diminished

  • Take whatever video/photos are possible but maintain a distance that doesn’t stress the whale.

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