Plankton Tuesdays Return!

Plankton Tuesdays

Free programming for all ages!

Tuesdays, 11:30am - 1:00pm (July & August only)

Plankton Tuesday with Raincoast Education Society in Tofino, BC

Plankton are organisms that live in the ocean, drifting with tides and currents. Boring?

Hardly! Collectively, plankton fuel the entire marine ecosystem and represent the vast majority of the ocean's total biomass. This incredibly varied group includes everything from algae encased in jewel-like glass shells, to fierce and deadly predators - and their elusive prey. An entire ecosystem on a microscopic scale!

A Raincoast Education Society naturalist will be leading plankton observations with live samples at our office every Tuesday in July and August.

We hope to see you soon for Plank Tuesday!