Tofino Fishing Report – August 2016

Fishing Captain Josh Temple with the salmon of the season!

There is a certain magic about marinas first thing in the morning. Our inlet shores here in Tofino are lined with docks, and each and every day they spring to life with the characters and rhythms of our coast. Sunrises colour sea mist as it rises from chilly, murky depths, brightening docks and vessels left dormant and dew covered overnight. Captains and crews scuttle about starting engines, testing equipment, and chattering amongst themselves in preparation for the day ahead. I am a loving admirer of these moments. They resonate with timeless traditions the world over wherever marinas, fish, and particularly fishermen are found.  

When I walk down the ramp and onto the docks in the morning it’s a new and captivating journey into the unknown each time. Every day is a veritable testing of the waters and headfirst plunge into the wild. No two voyages are ever the same while adrift on the current of adventure and for me, and those around me, mornings in the marina are the portal through which we step into liquid and choose to leave more predictable environments behind.  

You can tell the fishing has been great this season, because I’m getting more and more romantic as the days wear on.  

Can you blame me? Every day I wake up and set off in search of adventure along one of the most picturesque coastlines in the world. New friends and old board the boat each morning and we discover not only the world around us, but new and exciting insights and anecdotes about each other and ourselves. We send baited hooks into the depths and marvel at the bounty that inevitably returns. Vessels fly over wave tops, spray showers along our bows, and every nerve in our bodies resonates with the knowledge that we are most certainly ALIVE!

I remind myself that we are indeed lucky to have all of this surrounding us. Tofino is one of those rare places where a magic portal exists between land and sea. Get out there and take advantage of it everyone!  Strive to experience the world beyond the beach. Feel the spray in your face, the long, sustained runs of a powerful fish, the mystery of hauling a trap and its unknown contents up from the depths. Stir timeless (perhaps forgotten) genes within your lineage and test the waters, bait a hook, haul in a catch, and rekindle the spirit of seamanship and fishing that lives within us all.

August is an excellent time to experience the incredible salmon fishing that exists just minutes from our docks. The salmon migration is in full swing and that means vast schools of Chinook and Coho are swimming out there right now.

Imagine a fleet of sport fishing boats all trolling offshore and a hungry school of Chinook salmon swims onto the underwater seamount. One by one anglers on each boat run for thumping rods as fish tear off in multiple directions, guides maneuver boats and chase fish, anglers reel frantically in hopes of recovering line, fish are jumping, landing nets are flying, cameras are flashing, people are high-fiving, it’s chaos and we wouldn’t want it any other way. That’s summer fishing in Tofino!

While there’s no doubt that salmon predominate the minds and fish boxes of most anglers it’s important to note that offshore tuna, halibut, lingcod, and rockfish all provide exceptional fishing opportunities in August as well. Most people think of Mexico or Hawaii when you mention Big Game Fishing, but don’t be surprised when I tell you Tofino has it’s fair share of Big Game Fishing too! Halibut often top weights of 50 – 70 pounds and provide great sport whether it’s for the table, or catch and release of a true behemoth of 100 pounds or more.

If you want to experience the thrill of huge fish and stout tackle then Tofino’s catch and release Big Game Halibut fishing charters are exactly what you’re looking for.  

Our saltwater charter fleet isn’t the only craft leaving from our local marinas, float planes buzz up and down the harbor each day whisking anglers and guides off to any number of our local watersheds. Tofino boasts exceptional year-round trout fishing and August is a fantastic time of year to capitalize on abundant hatches that drive trout crazy. Fly fishing and ultra-light spinning tackle are great methods to target both Cutthroat and Rainbow trout that abound in rivers and lakes throughout Clayoquot Sound. Access is tough without a guide so to truly experience the best freshwater fishing that Tofino has to offer give one of our reputable outfitters a call to find out more about these fly-in wilderness adventures.  

Tofino offers some of the best salt and freshwater fishing on the BC coast and August is no doubt one of the best months of the year to experience the glory of Clayoquot Sound. If you are visiting the area I’d highly recommend booking a fishing charter to ensure a safe, productive day on the water every time. It’s impossible to have a bad day out there, so put down the magazine and get out there today!

- Captain Josh Temple