Tofino Fishing Report - June 2019

In June, the fishing season really takes off on the west coast. Long sunny days make the perfect combos for exceptional fishing days.

For the last few weeks, bottom fishing has been consistent and productive. Tons of action catching giant skate and, of course, halibut !! After a few long fights with these gorgeous flat fish, we respectfully keep only one halibut for dinner and came back to the dock.

A large halibut that we caught and released

The last quarter of the month was crazy for salmon fishing! We had some guests whose big dream was to target salmon but they have no interest to keep any fish, just fishing for the fun, CPR, catch photo release!! The first bite came 45 min after a slow start, but after that it was non stop and Walker did 8 for 10. He caught 8 fish average 12 to 15 lbs with the biggest at 18 lbs. With the fishing experience so good he re-booked a second charter craving round two!

Chinook Salmon caught and released by our guest!

Jessica and Frank joined one of our Ultimate Adventures, third week of June with a request of bear watching, whale watching , fishing , and gourmet at sea…we planned the full day according to the tides and weather for the best opportunity for each activity. The low tide was at 8 am, perfect timing to start the day with a gorgeous morning in the Sound looking for bears. 45 min ride on mirror glass waters to find a mamma bear show up with one cub. Mama bear was turning rocks looking for shore crab. Very cute to see the baby bear trying to imitate her mum. After 2 hours observing bears at different spots around Meares Island , we went fishing for the late lunch in the boat. Lingcod and rockfish were very active. We kept one Canary and a Lingcod. Jessica caught the biggest fish, a Cabezon 8lbs./15 min fight that she will remember, "challenging but fun"! We finished the fishing portion of our trip by checking the prawn traps. Our day ended in Ahous Bay anchored, eating a three course menu looking at grey whales breaching. We enjoyed a prawns salad served with grapefruit juice dressing. Rock fish Canary green curry was the first hot dish with thai inspired broth made less spicy in order to appreciate the fresh fish. The lingcod was poached with lemon, thyme and sea water. All the fish were caught, cleaned and cooked the same day within few hours – simply “magnifique”.

Gourmet At Sea - Fresh Caught Fish Lingcod ceviche

Flo Besson,
Fishing Manager