Tofino Fishing Report - May 2019

With the new regulation on Chinook Salmon closure, it's easy to get confused.

In Tofino, we are allowed to fish offshore within 1 NM of the surf line until July 14th. See link for details:

The area 124 is from Estevan point to Florencia Bay, and don't forget that the inshore is open for retention with 2 Salmon over 45 cm per day.

Halibut fishing is great now, with no need to go very far, usually going maximum 3 NM offshore has been enough. Fresh bait is important for these bottom feeders, salmon or octopus are the best. When it's added to a Grubb it's a deadly combination!

Salmon can be found in some traditional areas from Barney to Wilf Rock for the outside part of it. Some protected areas can be very interesting to explore in bad weather — like Russel, Millar, and father Charles Channels, or Calmus passage.

Herring and Sandeels are a big part of the diet, I like to use a spoon for them — Big Eyes and Coho Killer are my favourite spoons.

Lingcod and rockfish are plentiful around the reef along the coast at this time of the year. Offshore reefs around Raphael point are very fun to fish on a weather permitting day.

Prawning has been pretty low compared to last year, but the crabbing has been incredible! It’s difficult to have everything!!!

We’ve also had the pleasure to launch the Gourmet at Sea Experience with a great response. The rock fish curry and the lingcod tajine were a hit!

Before going fishing offshore, or just in the harbour, make sure your boat is equipped with all the safety equipment required.

Be safe and good luck! Next time your come in Tofino, come eat your catch in the boat, just make a reservation and request the Gourmet at Sea add-on.

Flo Besson
Fishing Manager