Tofino offers excellent "family-friendly" fishing areas with calm, protected waters, and LOTS of fish!

We're big on family time and we love to take kids fishing. Helping kids and novice boaters explore the wonders of our area and wildlife is a big part of what we do at Ocean Outfitters.

Guide and young kids fishing off the Tofino coast.
Kids holding a salmon on a family fishing trip off the Tofino coast

We are committed to offering families a safe, helpful, and most of all FUN environment to enjoy all that Tofino has to offer. Typically our family fishing excursions take place on inshore reefs, protected from the open ocean swells. However, depending on conditions we are more than happy to take the family out for some offshore salmon fishing as well.

We catch a wide variety of fish on family fishing excursions, including:

  • Lingcod

  • Black Bass

  • Vermillion

  • Coho Salmon

  • Chinook Salmon

  • Dungeness Crab

  • Spot & Tiger Prawns

Whether you want to ply the depths for dungeness crab and prawns, troll offshore for salmon and snapper, or jig protected reefs for lingcod and rockfish, our family fishing excursions will have you and the kids covered!

Family fishing excursions are offered year-round as chinook salmon, rockfish, crabs and prawns are always in season here.

Family Fishing Charter Rates

Full Day (10hr) AM Half Day (6hr) PM Half Day (4hr)
$1500 $900 $600
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*Online bookings must be made atleast 24 hours in advance. To make a booking for a time within the next 24hrs please call for availability.

**Make sure you read & understand our booking policies and waiver terms before processing your reservation.


  • Each individual who wishes to fish on a saltwater fishing excursion must have a tidal-water sport fishing license. Please purchase and print out your personal fishing license before you leave for your fishing adventure. To purchase a license, visit the Fisheries and Oceans Canada website.

  • Please bring full rain gear. We fish rain or shine!

  • It is important to remember that it is common to experience some swells at sea. If you are concerned about motion sickness- plan in advance to safe guard against any potential nausea by bringing your favourite brand of anti-nausea medication. Candied ginger and chewing gum can help.

  • Please bring any food and beverages you wish for. If you like, we can provide a “Gourmet at Sea” experience, and a variety of packed lunches. We also work with one restaurant in town who can “Cook Your Catch”. Simply call our office at 1-877-906-2326 to notify us of any requests.


Ocean Outfitters has reduced our in-house catch limits and has implemented a simple rule:

  • 1 fish / species per a person each day

The daily limit per person is:

  • 1 Salmon(Coho or Chinook), 1 Halibut, 1 Lingcod, 1 Rockfish, Crabs, and Spot Prawns

We want to give a good idea of the diversity of the resources without taking too much. We would like you to enjoy your catch when you are on the West Coast. The captain will fillet and prepare your catch to be ready to eat while you are staying in Clayoquot Sound/Tofino.


We implement a 3% surcharge to all fishing charters (both fresh and saltwater) to support local enhancement projects throughout Clayoquot Sound. This initiative ensures that clients have hands on participation in the viability of the resource for generations to come.


For every fish released (of any species) we will make a $5 donation to local rehabilitation efforts on the client's behalf. If you release all of your caught fish, you can collect an Ocean Outfitters cap from our staff.


Check out our latest Fishing Report! Fishing reports are typically updated on a monthly basis.